Friday, April 8, 2011

New Kitchen Lights!

These are the old kitchen lights. Not only did they only work for like 5 minutes after we bought the house, they required horribly unavailable strange circular light bulbs that I could never find, even online. So mostly, for 3 years, we have gotten by without kitchen lights.

Upon removing the lights, my husband discovered this magical electrical situation. Niiiice. Can't imagine why they didn't work so well.

Ta-da! The new lights, the new lights! Hooray! Not only are they fancy, they WORK! Imagine! My husband acquired them, and did a lovely job matching the finish to the rest of the kitchen hardware.

Now, we are back to working on the trim. Which takes fooooorrrrrreeeeeeveeeerrrr. So many steps. Measure, cut, nail, mud, sand, caulk, paint, repaint, fix paint boo-boos. Argh! We are almost there though...

And we have to pick a color for the closet doors... haven't done that yet.

Miss G hates the remodel work, any furniture movement, and generally any disruption in her napping schedule. I promise her often that we are almost done (with the main floor). Hee hee!


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