Sunday, May 1, 2011

So Civilized!

After the watch party, and some solid napping, back up for more celebration! I busted out the fantastic tea cup and saucer my sweet Stacey brought me back from the Fairmount Empress Hotel in Victoria.

The pattern was used on the tables in 1951 when Princess Elizabeth visited Canada on her second royal tour. In 2005, an original set was gifted to Queen Elizabeth, along with a photo of her in 1951 during the 100th anniversary of Alberta.

A cup of tea is so civilized!

I went ahead and busted these bad boys out too. Seriously, other than our own hitchin', and maybe three or four anniversaries, they haven't received much use, so why not cheers they young couple!

I didn't have a turkey, so we couldn't have royal turkey legs with our champagne, so leg of lamb seemed just as regal. With a blue cheese was supposed to be Stilton, but when I spied Rogue's Oregon Blue, I was sold. Cheers, Duke and Duchess!


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