Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tall Wiener Dogs and Giraffe Pants

Kelly graciously offered to return us to the airport in the luxury to which we had become accustomed, so we taxied it from downtown over to her house for coffee and animal crackers before our return. We were greeted by these vicious mini-pin guard dogs.

Django doing his best Mister Beans impression. My husband told Django he was very tall for a wiener dog.

At four pounds, tiny Lucca is half a Miss Ginger. After about 10 minutes of us, she went and got back in bed... Whatevs wichu people. Turns out, she was actually more like Beanie. ;)

Love these little statues at her gate. :)

Then, back in the 'Stang for the trip home. I told my husband I'd sit back there with him, but no, he wouldn't have it.

I was just thankful I hadn't worn my giraffe pants. How embarrassing that would have been. Such a fun fun trip! So long Kelly! So long Denver! See ya both again real soon!


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