Sunday, May 22, 2011

U2 360!

This is the largest stage set ever built! That black part in the center is a round screen projecting the show 360 degrees.

It projected interesting factoids before the show. The lumberjacks found them quite compelling.

It glowed in different colors and projected images of the band and graphics. It moved up and down and also stretched out from the top to the stage. It did not walk around in the stadium. I know. I wanted it to too.

I accidentally shot a pic in black and white, but it came out cool. Sorta war-of-the-worldsy.

I really wanted the show to end with the spire shooting into the air in a magical fireworks display. I'm needy like that.

I'm not the U2 fan here, but these boys continue to define rock 'n roll. Really a stellar, relevant, world-class show like nothing I've ever seen. Even at two years later!


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