Sunday, May 22, 2011

Off to the Show!

So despite ominous pix, the weather was actually quite fine for the show. Maybe a little chilly, but once all the people were in their seats, I was quite toasty. I've never been to a show of this caliber... Invesco Field at Mile High!

This venue holds 75,000 people and was at capacity for this show.

The Fray was the opening band. I love The Fray. They weren't allowed to use any of the high-end special effects this monstrous stage set offered, but they put on a great show nonetheless, if a bit short.
My husband and the three lumberjacks we sat beside.

Proof I was actually on this trip other than as photographer.

And we even found Kelly at the show! She was down in the pit, but through text and section counting, we connected! I loved how many people in our section waved back to her. ;)


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