Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Camping at...wait for it...

We finally busted out the tent and went full-on hunting camping! We set up camp at...ready for it...? Deer Park! Hahahahaha!

G used to be red, but mostly she's camp-colored now.

Uhm...why did it take us 40 years to figure this one out? The ease and fun of roasting hot dogs, the deliciousness of...steak! It's our new go-to camp meal... Steak on a Stick. Watch for openings at your mall food court soon.

I do sometimes refer to my husband as a delicate flower... :)

You know what hunting season means... FALL FASHION MAGAZINES! YAAAAAY!!

After a while of sitting on my lap whining, G finally understood the Q in quiet magazine time. (Don't worry, that's a tub of water, not nectarine jam. ;)

Plus lookie lookie lookie! A new toy! I love it love it love it! It's a 7-day coffin ice chest... in the case that we actually find a deer and convince him to get in here, he might fit! I love the top hatch, the end cup holders, and its enormous size...and that it actually keeps ice for 4+ days! IMAGINE!


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