Sunday, October 9, 2011


In honor of our 11 years and with intentions of hunting, we were off to Idaho City for our first-ever yurting adventure! It was about a 300-yard hike into Banner Ridge...

Mostly we were big fans of yurts. I'm a big fan of any lodging sitch that involves a wood stove!

Also a big fan of any husband washing dishes! A keeper, that one.

Despite a tremendous lack of any cell service in the tiny towns in this area, we actually had service at the yurt...where we received a call from the yurt coordinator that the guests before us had had a bear encounter! BEAR!!! At this point I think we should switch to bear hunting, we've had more bear encounters this year than deer encounters. We were asked to report on any yurt damage, including this bear print...

...and this damage to the vinyl window. My husband and the coordinator kept saying he was small -- a juvenile bear. Which of course led me to imagine a bear with a hand buzzer in one hand and a "kick me" sign in the other. Apparently the former guests took their gear and left promptly...but as the lady on the phone said, "they were from Boise," so probably didn't know what to do.

This bear adventure lead to the only addendum to marriage vows brought forth for the 2011/2012 marriage season: When I say "tell me if you see a bear, I mean... EVER... It is now just assumed from here until the end that if one of us sees a bear, it is implicitly expected that we should tell the other. Seems like good thinking.


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