Sunday, October 23, 2011

Underground Tour!

This was the third of the underground tours we've done together...after Seattle's and Portland's. It was a little more kitchy that Seattles, but much meatier than Portland's.

In fact, we were under Pendleton for two hours. This is a very realistic model, not a fellow tourgoer who couldn't take it anymore.

No underground tour complete without highlighting the purple manganese sidewalk prisms.

I love ceiling tiles. These ones were in a former pool hall. We have considered putting them in our house, but they end up being quite pricey. The little baggie held camphor during prohibition to cover up the smell of booze.

My favorite part of the tour: the original "Cozy Rooms" door that was boarded up in the late 50s and unboarded in the late 90s... intact! I hope they do something to reinforce or preserve that right pane, it's not going to last forever like this.


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