Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Ghosts of Dead Hookers

Sorry, couldn't pass up the opportunity to use that line. It was Sisters in...Pendleton!! Doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily as Sisters in Sisters, eh? Regardless, it is halfway betwixt our towns, so why not split the drive for a fun weekend together? And since we had to wait until quittin' time to leave, we stayed at the Working Girls Hotel! Hee hee!
It's a former bordello, and possibly haunted at that. No, not scary at all... no sir-ee... nope...

It was actually a sweet place to stay. It's an unmanned hotel (key code yourself in!) and we had the place to ourselves, save a cute couple who were also from our respective towns. I was shocked to see the cream and sugar from the Style House "Rose Baroque" Fine China set I own that was my parents' (made in Japan for Montgomery Wards!) They ditched it long ago, after discovering it wouldn't survive the dishwasher. I love it, and have never seen it anywhere else! :)

The second floor room kept us from the street noise, but we did have to negotiate these severe stairs every time we left.... and you KNOW how good I am at falling down...

I'm pretty good at falling down on these too, so I was glad they warned me.


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