Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Fun: Indian Blankets and Indian Casinos

On Sunday we checked ourselves out of the Working Girls Hotel, (after one more delicious diner breakfast!) and then got busy wrapping up the rest of our touristry. First up: The Pendleton Woolen Mill! I looooove this "Sir Wooliam." Hilarious.

It explicitly said on the door and on the web that NO tours were given on weekends. But apparently that was a big fat lie, because they announced one as we walked in. And as sister LOVES tours about how things are made, we were so there. The tour wasn't two hours, thankfully, but mostly we learned they use this...

...and these... (So colorful!!) make these! Then they are shipped to the Washougal plant for washing and piling. Mostly what we learned is they spend a lot of time truck blankets back and forth from Pendleton to Washougal. So fancy though.

Sister tried her darnedest to blow the rest of her Social Security check on cigarettes and one-armed bandits. No! She gave up a crisp five dollar bill and got nothing in return. It was fun tho. The Wildhorse is pretty fancy. It's like being transported to Vegas. Or at least Reno. If you've ever been to the casino at Kahneeta, it's like being transported to...Madras.

Last on our agenda: visit with some of Pendleton's finest. Here's my HILARIOUS sister documenting me being stopped by the 5-0 for speeding on our way back from the casino... 40 in a 30 as you enter town. Diet Cokes only, of course. After a lot of Yes sir, No sir I had no idea, thank you officer, Business? No, we're just visiting Pendleton from out of town, he let us go with a warning. I think considering how much we spent boosting the local economy, the Chamber of Commerce would have approved of the warning I received. ;)


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