Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mexico 2013: We're Here, We're Finally Here!!!

On the plane ride from Denver to Cancun, we played Scrabble, as is tradition. BUT, in a rare turn of events, after 21 years of playing Scrabble with each other, the final score after all the tiles were played and tallied...was...289 to 289. I guess we're pretty evenly matched.
And after a quick van ride, we were there! All six of us! Together! In the lobby! All the planning, all the emails, all the negotiations, all the Xs on the calendar...YAY!
And with our welcome glasses of champagne, we checked ourselves in.
And as expected, my room had the fluffy bathrobe I was looking forward to. It's hard to see the logo in white stitching, but it says "Exotic Travelers," the overarching travel company through which we plan this event. Sometimes I have to reference this company in email and Tim always thinks the "x" is an R, and always responds with a quick "TO WHAT SORT OF A PLACE ARE YOU TAKING US!?!?"
 And of course, my El Dorado slippers. Which they just throw away, so two years ago I snagged mine. My last pair stood up pretty well for two solid years, so I was pleased to get replacements.
And with a quick change into resort attire from our travel gear, a meet-up in the Sandwicherie to dine, catch up, welcome each other to vacation...
...and prepare ourselves for the bounty of Mexico-ing we had ahead!


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