Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mexico 2013: Spa Day!

Since our last visit, the spa received a significant upgrade...and now requires a golf cart ride to another part of the property!
Spa Day One was the Girls + Jon. Spa Day Two was all six of us, but my waterproof camera dies in Chapter 6, so there is no photographic evidence of Spa Day Two. You'll just have to imagine it.
Mayan Spa Guy. We'll meet him again in Chapter 8.
The new facilities were just lovely. We donned our "yeahbaby" spa slippers and got busy relaxin'!
Steam room! We had been advised that the soaking pool facilities were mixed-gender and open-air, so leave your swimsuits on, ladies. Si.
The post-massage quiet room, my husband and my Kristin. Most of us agreed we received excellent treatments.
 Best nueces and semillas i've ever had.
We all seemed approximately 138% more relaxed from the previous day's levels of relaxation.


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