Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mexico 2013: En Route

So. You **may** have heard we were in Mexico recently. For two weeks. It was amazing. Two weeks is the most ridiculously long and indulgent vacation we've ever taken.
And we were lucky enough to travel with these fine folks, who you may remember from the Mexico 2011 trip. You may also remember that beach bed, as we decided to hit the same resort again!
But first, we had to get there. Which meant hangin' out in some airports. Including Boise...
 And Denver! To see Kelly! Who graciously made the drive to the airport just to see us! So awesome to get a little Kelly Buzz, especially right before vacation.
She brought me this awesome rock and roll glitter polish that she put stickers on and that I love. We have a long history of buying each other nail polish. I like it. Its a short-term gift that you don't have to own forever. Don't like it? Give it to someone else. Love it? Use it till its gone. It's really the perfect gift.
So much fun so catch up and have a little face time! xoxoxo!


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