Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mexico 2013: La Cueva del Pescador

After our vigorous swim with the catfish, lunch at La Cueva!
A couple of us discovered the delicious  chelada in on ice with lots of lime and salt on the rim. Soooo refreshing! My husband, despite his cheery smile, not a fan.
These two look like they were up to no good.
CR always keeps a eye on the exits. You never know how its gonna go down.
Ceviche! Plates and plates of CEVICHE! Yessss!! Best octopus i've ever had.
And then, the sadness.
All the ceviche is gone.

Plus it looks like my Kristin is giving me what-for.
Thankfully we brought our accountants with us. With pesos it always seems like hundreds and hundreds of dollars. It wasn't Mariscos Camel, but it was fun fun fun!


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