Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mexico 2013: Kicked Out of the Ocean

Like many other evenings at the resort, this one started at the pool bar, or the "Not Sandwicherie."
Despite the signs that it was stacking up to be a keen night, the Arnolds retired early. The main sign that this was stacking up to be a stellar evening? A group sing-along on the beanbags to the DJ's "Sweet Caroline." Clearly the dance was in Tim.
The rest of us wandered back to the Sandwicherie for further revelry. Here my husband chats with the DJ. "Really? You have no Kenny Chesney? You know we're in Mexico, right? And we're the first guests to request Kenny Chesney? Huh."
 Let the dancing begin!
Best Gangnam style ever. I do not mean the dancer on the left.
And then we moved on to dancing with random resort guests we don't know.
 My god, the hotness.
Annnnd after a questionable decision to go for a late-night post-dancing swim in the ocean, a small altercation with security ensued. 

Annnnd then we got kicked out of the ocean. Such a fun night -- all we were missing was the Arnolds!


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