Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mexico 2013: Day One

 Everyone asks....what did you do? Mostly this. Wander to the open-air Sandwicherie for breakfast whenever the mood strikes the inimitable Mr. Spengler has risen early and secured us prime beach bed real estate.
Have whatever you like, a bounty of breakfast buffet is at your fingertips. Omelet station, cereals, breads, and my fave, fresh tropical fruits someone else has cut up for me.
Coffee! And we learned a day or two later to select the jugo verde -- green juice. Orange juice and spinach juice. Sounds strange, but is amazing. One morning I was wearing this coverup after just applying gobs of sunblock...and had a hankering for Cocoa Krispies...but had trouble opening that tiny bag. When I did, they flew all over the buffet, and stuck to my sunblocked skin like flies to a flystrip. It was pretty fantastic.
Then, wander down to the beach with your snorkeling tools, reading devices, magazines, and whatever else you needs.
Lie around. Read. Digest your breakfast. Gab. Soak up the rays.
Eventually a couple of us will rally, and head out for snorkeling.
But soon enough those of us would return from the seas and regale the beachpotatoes with tales of fishes and rogue waves and strange undersea findings.
After a bit, a drink waitress would arrive and ask what could possibly make our day better? This is Aracely, and she was mostly spot on.
Then, kick back, and contemplate this for a while. Repeat steps as necessary.


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