Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mexico 2013: A Cup For Coffee

MENEHUNE!!! Hehehe! When we lived in Hawaii we were quite smitten with the "menehune" -- the race of tiny Hawaiian dwarfs who were excellent craftspeople. Think smurfs except tan instead of blue. They were mischievous and clever. So when we returned to our room, and found this guy, Jon yelled "MENEHUNE!!!" Whenever I left the room, I would return to find the menehune had mysteriously moved to another spot in the room. This made me giggle every time.
Our maid for this vacation was Pedro, who did an excellent job, except for a couple of incidents. He even did turn-down service a couple of time, placing my slippers right by my nightstand. So luxurious.
Plus he left us this super amazing display of love on our last evening at the resort!
Including this note and smiley face that killed me! The problem was that we were leaving on Sabado, not Domingo.  So we were hoping he knew something we didn't know.

Incident No. 1: Not so much an error, as a hilarity. Pedro left us housekeeping corners on our toilet papers, like was listed on the room-cleaning checklist. But SERIOUSLY Pedro. Can I just be a sexist pig and make brash generalizations? Only a male maid would go to this much trouble to keep from CHANGING THE ROLL OF TOILET PAPER!!! Ahem.
Incident No. 2: (Incident No. 2 does not involve the adorable towel pato. Go Ducks!) Our coffee service was hidden in the cabinet under the TV. One day Pedro gave us more coffees and whatnot, but only gave us one fresh coffee mug. As i got up every morning and made coffee for two, this was a bit of a pickle. So the next time I called room service, I ordered nachos, a quesadilla, and a fresh fruit plate..."oh, and could I get another cup for coffee brought to our room? Thanks so much." They brought me a fancy tea cup and saucer!
These two were were housed  in room 2716 and we were in room 2714, and were often calling room service around the same time (after we returned from the beach). Apparently the Arnolds received a call from room service moments later asking, "Did they order a cup of coffee, or a cup for coffee?" They indicated they ordered neither. And then, as if in scene from a sitcom, Chris asked aloud, "Who the ?$^!&* calls room service at an all-inclusive and orders a cup for coffee?"
A day or two later over dinner I was explaining about how we had this extra fancy tea cup sitting on the counter, and it quickly became evident what had happened, and we laughed and laughed. I could imagine the kitchen wondering why the standard mugs weren't fancy enough for the broad in 2714. Or 2716, depending on your perspective. Probably a safe guess that the menehune was involved in this little sitch.


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