Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mexico 2013: Random Groupings

One of my favorite things about vacationing together is leisurely time spent hanging our with each member of Travel Club. I call these random groupings, but I suppose they aren't that random. Stacey and Kristin. OK, my husband is in this one too, though not participating in Quiet Magazine Time.
Kristin and my husband. Though it's almost hard to see my husband in this one, his pale flesh beginning to dissolve in the sunlight.
My husband and Tim snorkeling. You'll just have to trust me on this one.
Just the ladies! We tried to do a different seating arrangement each night. Someone quipped that they were shocked I hadn't done a seating chart for each night to make sure we hit each  possibility. Don't challenge me. ;)
Me and my Kristin at the Not Sandwicherie.
Chris giving me that "Why the hell would you order beer and Clamato with lime and salt on the rim?" look. It's medicine, CR.
CR flanked by lovely ladies.
My husband and...Kris..tin.. hey wait a minute..!?!? Is there something going on here that I need to know about...?!?! Hee hee! That's what I get for leaving my camera behind on the beach bed. ;)


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