Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mexico 2013: Sweet Ride

Renting an auto in Mexico was an adventure. It came to about $100 a day, which at first seemed like a lot, but we would have paid much more than that up here in the states for Jeep.

Upon pulling this sweet ride onto the road, four lights were on: the flat tire light, the check engine light, the lost traction light, and the brake light. Seems about right.

Nope, no problem with these babies.
But it turned out just fine. And for those folks who were present the first week and recall me waking from a beach-front nap wondering about the possibility of finding ACTUAL Doritos (which was odd, since I have like 5 Doritos a year, and really don't care about them at all), we hit the jackpot out on the road!


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