Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mexico 2013: Week One Ends, Week Two Begins!

Golly. Now our friends have left. Hmm. Wow. Well...
Uhm...what will we do now? Hmm. Let's see...I been talkin' to you for 21 years...hmm...a tropical conundrum...
Hahahahah! NO!! As Week One drew to a close, Tim began pointing out couples in the resort who were dining together and staring off into space..."That's totally going to be these guys after we leave..." Hahahah!!!
But since it's normally just the two of us, turns out we are pretty darned good at entertaining ourselves. And beach beds are kinda spacious with just two. ;)
I did my best to keep up our presence in the sea, as I'm part mermaid. My fave part of this pic isn't my big Jackie O glasses, which I scratched and had to throw away, but my toes popping out of the water. Mermaid.
Without our friends, we did have to get up at a reasonable hour and secure beachfront real estate, but turns out Tim is right, early morning on the shore is really nice. They come around with trays of mimosas and banana smoothies and something yummy that tasted kind of like an orange julius.
We even managed our own group shot on the beach bed! Here's to Week Two, my partner in crime! Mwahahaha!!


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