Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mexico 2013: The History of Chicken Pizza

Soon after arriving in Mexico we easily transitioned from the clunky "Chichen Itza," to the more clever Chicken Pizza.  Hahaha. But after touring the ruins, my husband discovered that the story of Chicken Pizza was really present! Here, the chicken.
And up on this tower, the pizzas! We also found an oven, but no good photos.
Here's what happens when you eat too much Chicken Pizza.
 So many heads were sacrificed.
Oddly, earlier in the week we had flipped on the TV in the morning and watched Mars Attacks!, so this seemed like a spot-on interpretation. One of my personal mottoes is "keep your seafood out of my breakfast and your chicken off my pizza," but I will make an exception for this Chicken Pizza.


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