Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mexico 2013: Drivin' Through Rural Mexico

Here's our sweet ride. I have wanted a Jeep since high school, but after two Jeep adventures, I think it might not be for me. Between the Cooper and BigGreen i've becomed accustomed to a level of luxury and amenities the Jeep just doesn't offer. It is fun though when the sun is out.
So we got in it and started driving! This is how useful a GPS is in Mexico.

There are feral dogs everywhere, and they are seemingly all mama dogs, regretfully, with milk.
 Random lavender buildings.
We discussed that CR would have likely had some anxiety driving through these crowded small town streets. Some things just make CR crazy.
Some stuff is just on fire in Mexico.
Goats! On the side of the street! In Mexico! I love goats. A couple of these goats came home with me (in my head) to live on my goat farm (in my head) where a team of magical folk do the actual stupid hard farmwork, and I just make craft goat cheeses (in my head.) I've had my fill of getting up at 5 a.m. to feed baby farm animals who had no mama, its not glamorous. Thus the reason the goat farm is (in my head).
The lodging here is a little grittier than at the resort.


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