Saturday, August 3, 2013

Camping, Boating, Skiing, and Smiling...Summer of 2005!

I don't do too many flashback posts, but I found a folder of pix recently, and in a couple weeks we are gettin' the gang back together for camping, boating, skiing (?), floating, laughing, relaxing, gabbing, and generally having an awesome time...!!!
I'M SUPER EXCITED! Maybe even as excited as CR is in this pic. I just love this pic of CR, its badass.
Don't forget your sun hats, lovely floating ladies!
Will sister re-enact this little feat? One can only hope.
Relaxing in the sun on a boat is just the best.
I expect a few vacant stares like this one. This fellow just turned 9, so probably less adorable doe-eyes and more side-ways glances.
That means this one has to be...12ish? Ye gads. Who let a small child be our anyone in charge on this boat?
OK, well, the small child probably did a better job than this one. Such unbridled hilarity.
I'm sure there will be a few fish tales told. I'm just not sure what yarn this poor girl's brother-in-law is weaving for her, and whether it applies to wakeboarding.
Hee-hee! I keep this one on my desk, I love it.
Is there anyone more badass than Kim? No. The answer is no. 
 Can. Not. Wait.


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