Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Get Your Blonde On!

LOVE. IT. ALL! Someone referred to the one in the socks as "little Amy Winehouse." Haahhaha!
Our youngest party-goer could not be convinced to wig-it-up, but her parents entrants were hilarious! I love it!
Sister chasin' me down. Or about to skate into me, I'm not sure.
This is apparently not a thrift store piece, she has had this piece since high school, though I have no recollection of it. It was very groovy.
I really liked my wig. It was not a costume piece, and I would wear it again. I decided to go curly, as its the opposite of my own hair, which wouldn't hold a curl if you paid it money.
The winner of the hundred bucks! There are few things funnier than a dude in a wig with a beard. OK, the short cut-offs didn't hurt either. SO glad this one came to the party!
My mother-in-law's entry! The participation was nearly 100 percent, I loved it!
I think one of my fave parts of the evening was CR not being able to recognize this one. Despite having gone to college with him, and living with him for years. And having been in Mexico together for a week recently. And having spent the previous evening together. He kept saying, "no, really, who is that?" Hahaha!


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