Tuesday, August 27, 2013


As you've likely heard, we had a SECOND awesome party at SKATEWORLD! The Skateworld in our hometown closed down long ago, but the Hillsboro one is still open, and is dang-near identical. The snack bar!
Oh. And we had a blonde wig contest too. "Get your blonde on." Here's my husband's entry.
We had a bunch of great entries for best family participation, but these guys might have been my fave.
CUPPPPPCAKES! I over-estimated consumption of cuppie cakes, and under-estimated consumption of pizza. Eh. Better luck next time!
And we had the whole rink to ourselves. That made it extra awesome.
And we had a really good turnout! I loved how many folks came to celebrate, and came to compete too.
Some folks didn't skate, but we were super glad they were there. Kudos to my mother-in-law for getting up on skates and giving it a go -- blond wig and all!
The skate party wasn't a surprise, but the blonde wig contest was. The birthday girl asked, upon arrival, "Do i have to wear a wig too?" No, sweetie. You are already blonde. :)
And lots of folks we haven't seen in a while showed! Such fun!


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