Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Skate Party Pix!

They graciously dropped this large blow-up birthday cake from the sky and we all sang to the birthday girl.
I loved that he tied his dreds up like someone with real dreds would do. Lots of folks started losing their wigs as the party went along -- like my father-in-law -- as the wigs were HOT under there!!
Hahahah! I love it!
We gave a $20 prize to the best-under-12, but ended up giving a prize to each of these two who tied in their age bracket. SO CUTE!
That Lena likes this guy. I'm not sure I'd be so trusting of this one in that wig. And I'm married to him.
Hahah! I love the family shots!
This man in a wig came in second or third, along with my husband. Another excellent couple of entries.
Gathering everyone together for one big pic...
Yay! Group shot! So much fun! Thanks so much to everyone who came to play and celebrate!


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