Monday, August 26, 2013

Welcome to Oregon, Let's have a Party!

Well. Yeah. So we were in Oregon in July. And in Oregon, this happens. Hahah! Blech!
We trekked over to celebrate Sister's 40th birthday! The big 4-0. Can you believe it? No one can. First stop, we landed at Lena's house, where she just had to get in the Cooper. Can you blame her?
Our first in a series of events was a gang gathering dinner party in honor of the birthday girl, with a Mexican theme! Hahah! These killed me. Plus our hostess reminded me that I made her this tablecloth as a wedding shower gift? Wow, that's 13 years of service! Woo!
We spent a couple hours prepping food, including this vat of guac. Mmmm....
Hanging bright lights... and fancying ourselves up!

Let's have a party!


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