Monday, August 26, 2013


Hello lovelies! Well, as usually happens at the height of summer, I'm backlogged and behind. But doing my best to catch up. But my mild OCD requires that I post in chronological order. So, back to the Criterium!
The Criterium is a short course bike race held in a small space. Like around a couple city blocks, and for about 45 minutes...going round and round. Everything is blocked off so no on gets hurt, and they run the women first, then end with the men.
We encountered Sue and her fam downtown to watch too!
The menfolk. It doesn't initially seem like it could be that interesting, but its really really fun.
Here we ladies are practicing our stoic Teddy Roosevelt faces, after we had all been to Jellystone in the past year, and the little one got a bear that looks like Mister Roosevelt. At least I think it was Roosevelt. This was back in July after all.
But really, this is the heart of the photo. :)
It gets dark as the race gets faster and faster. Its really exciting!
It's blurry, but the little ladies wanted their pic taken with a cyclist who I believe placed. So cool! The tall one had been watching the Tour de France, and hopes to go see it live some day. Hmm. Never made my bucket list before, but I can see the pull.
Then we wandered back to the Chicken Ranch. Greetings from Boise!


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