Thursday, March 5, 2009

15 MORE Minutes of Fame!

Another year of volunteering for Idaho Public Television has come and gone! Such fun!

Last year the food offering was awesome Hawaiian-style catering...teriyaki chicken and mac salad.

This year it was Little Caesars. Well, economy and all...

This high-end technology has a cord that's plugged into...a wall...?

I took four phone call during my 2 hour shift, for a total of $950. One nice gentleman gave up 500 clams! He was 82 and kept saying "You guys are doing a great thing there." I imagine he meant the public TV folks.

Sister often says I have the smallest lips ever. This photo leads me to believe she may be right.
SO many bright balloons! When you take a call for $125 or more, you get to use the push pin on your phone and pop a balloon!
But check out the following videos outlining the great balloon debaucle. Paula and I are apparently balloon-string challenged...


Marie said...

You and Paula are so cute in those videos, as is Mark Bowen standing there chuckling!

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