Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Howdy, Vantucky!

After quickly dumping our ward with her paternal grandparents, we made it safely to the 'Couv...where we promptly found we were locked out of the office. After numerous phone calls, we got the secret code. After a little begging down the hall, we also got the secret code to the ladies room.

Mister N got the servers something-something hooked to the network something-something to transfer the data something-something...*
* Pay no attention to the fact that I'm pursing an advanced degree in information technology.
After the servers started chugging away on the data, we were off to enjoy a little Vitamin D...
And a little Vitamin S....Sister! Who graciously picked us up and took us to the McMenamins on the river. So nice!!
BIIIIG thanks to Art and Carolyn for housing Miss G for the long weekend, it was a BIIIIG help, and much easier on the old girl. :)


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