Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our Redneck Valentine Winter Extravaganza in Juntura!

During my blogging hiatus we engaged in our Redneck Valentine Winter Extravaganza in Juntura! We met the Willitses in south eastern Oregon for winter camping and Valentine's Day hot springing.

Redneck shower? Check.
Temporary biker tattooes? Check.
Dutch oven full of dead cow? Check.
Fun with guns? Check.
There wasn't nearly the snow we were hoping for, but it was still plenty cold, and it did snow on our heads once or twice.
When it wasn't snowing, it was gorgeous! And there were only two other couples at the hot springs, and nary a party of drunken hunters to be found. Hooray!
Shootin' stuff is always a fun part of Valentine's Day.

Circlin' the "wagons" made for a nice windbreak to protect our camp.
We ended the weekend with breakfast at the Oasis Cafe.

Hope your V-Day was nice. :)


Marie said...

What an interesting Valentine's Day tradition, Amy! You always know how to be unique!

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