Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thursday Out with the Parents!

Next up: Thursday with the parents, who were gracious enough to drive from the coast to their old stompin' grounds to get me for the day...as I wasn't allowed to drive the rental car.

First, brunch on the river at the Red Lion Inn at the Quay, where I spied mom's new cowboy boots! So fancy! I love the little red stars at the top. And at a wee size 4.5, she was lucky they didn't have balloons or rainbows on them!
Mom and I did our best to see most of the key shopping outlets in the 'Couv, where she secured some wee pants and I found a couple of dresses.
And discovered that my Dad is..."that guy." That guy who sleeps in the car in the parking lot with a toothpick in his mouth, while waiting for his shopping wife.

We waited for Jon to get off work and were off to Pal's Shanty for buckets o' steamers and Dungeness crab. Such a fun day out with the parents!

And this one's for you, Anita...while having brunch the next day, I was blabbing away long before I discovered the decor I was facing was...this little "gem."** :)
** Really only funny if you know Idaho is the Gem State.


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