Sunday, March 1, 2009

And the Winner Is...

WELL. The 2009 Oscar viewing season has come and gone. And what did we learn? Nothing stays the same...(Benjamin Button)....We are hell-bent to destroy ourselves and our planet...(Wall-E)...Australia is full of criminals....

Hahahah! Just kidding, didn't see that one. Once again, I wasn't able to see nearly as many of the big contenders as I'd hoped. Doubt never even played in the Idy-ho!
In the end, Mister N and I both guessed the winners of only 9 of the 16 categories we had our eyes on.

We enjoyed the Big Daddy of awards shows, and tho I'm not a fan, Miz Jolie got my vote for the best look of the evening. The dress! The hair! Those earrings!!

In honor of one of our favorite nominees, we had Belgian eclairs... and "In Bruges-schetta..."
The in-laws graciously came over to watch the show with us....tho I think Carolyn enjoyed watching the neighborhood fox more. :)


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