Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Off to see Space and the Fam!

OK, this post goes chronologically before the parents' visit. Oops.

Sweet Sister was kind enough to drive us out to West Linn to see Stacey and her whole family!

As we so rudely only gave them about 30 minutes' notice, and it was 9 o'clock at night, this was the chaos that greeted us at the door!
So nice to see my friend! And their fancy new digs. This isn't the greatest pic of us ever, but the best of the ones on my camera.
I'm always a little shocked to see this pic of us at our high school graduation...but always happy when I see it. :) Especially as our 20 year reunion is this summer. That pic's been around for a while.
In 1986, when I sat by Jon at Stacey's surprise 16th birthday party, I never would have imagined the future might hold this little scenario. ;)
Tim and Sister, hamming it up.
And...uh...somewhere along the way...Max got really tall. So nice to see the whole family!


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