Thursday, August 4, 2011

3/4 Low Rent Girl Party

OK, where were we? Well. You know I'm nothing if not linear, so I gotta go back and give a shout out to my girl gang... OK, 3/4 of my girl gang...
Our Kristin wasn't able to make it to Girl Party 2011 at Kahneeta, so we were only 3 of 4. But hopefully that will change real soon!

Low rent because when we have a full house we stay at the cottage...when we are a little short on folk we go with a hotel room. That didn't stop me from whipping up my famous "Big Salads."

And of course, there was plenty of Quiet Magazine Time(R).

We brought almost matching fleece jammies!

We had such a lovely hotel room breakfast on the deck! Bagels and fruits and whatnot!

Hahahahahaha! I stuffed this memento into Stacey's suitcase!


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