Saturday, August 13, 2011

I am a Hard Worker.

Just as basements don't remodel themselves, mold spores don't die on their own.

Mold removal requires a pretty toxic bleach solution.

And some wire brushing, just for kicks. Btw, you can't see any mold in these pics, it was actually quite minor. But might as well take precautions while the walls are down. What you see is breakdowns in the concrete paint or in the concrete itself, given that it's 72 years old.

Scrubbing concrete with a wire brush is hard work.

Here's me abandoning my concrete scrubbing to take self-portraits. When we were little and we lived in Oregon City, we had an old house with basement stairs that were rickety and had a bad handrail if one at all, and my mom didn't want us to go down there. So she told us there was a basement monster down there, which scared us to death. Look at me now. I AM the basement monster.


Marie said...

You are a blogging monster recently too! :) Enjoyed your recent spate of posts.

Amy said...

Hah! That's high praise from the most prolific blogger I know! Thanks! :)

Dan Mold said...

Good going Amy - I hope all that scrubbing worked. I wish you had used a better respirator though. Those N95s are not that good at keeping out mold spores.

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