Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In Medias Res

So there were about 5 minutes last week where we didn't have anything to do, so why not start a new project! You will recall our rather creepy man cave/tv room/video center. Or as I like to call it, the world's creepiest basement.

Soon it will be the bedroom part of the new basement master suite. But of course, first we have to demolish the existing infrastructure. In flipflops. We definitely like to do demo in flipflops.

There's that look...hmm...what have we gotten ourselves into here....

There's one wall down...and the ceiling...

This is a weird heating duct in the hall space that we're gonna have to deal with. I plan on gettin' all McMenamins on that bad boy.

And here are some lovely items we found jammed between the boards in the ceiling. We are pretty sure they belonged to John, of John and Amy fame, but there was a third child born after the cement was put in, according to Mary, the lady across the street who's lived there for over 50 years. Jon was super excited to have access to more tools for his remodel work.

And the pile gets bigger and bigger. Sometimes I forget about the notion that we can move stuff, and wonder how its going to be to have a fridge in the bedroom. HAH! It's going to move up into the garage.

It's a little bit Dexter downstairs. As if it wasn't before the plastic.

I neglected to photograph the 12 contractor bags stuffed with old sheet rock and moldy insulation. Mmm. Thankfully they weren't stuffed with lathe and plaster. That stuff is the worst.

YES! I totally want to sleep in here! Vacuum a little, some lamps, a throw rug...totally not creepy at all.


Marie said...

You're back! I see you are not letting any moss grow on your feet. Can't wait to see how you McMenamin that heating duct--we've got a few of those kinds of oddities in our basement as well.

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