Saturday, August 13, 2011

WARNING: **Violent, Graphic Photos!***

After our fabulous day on the water, we were off to a local pub for burgers and refreshments. To make a long story short, a shoeless, shirtless hippie who was stoned to the bejesus walked in with a pit bull. After a while a lady brought in a little black something-doodle, which was pretty promptly attacked by the pit bull. We were pretty sure we were about to witness a dog-gutting about 3 feet behind our table...

But my calm and fearless husband somehow wrestled the black dog from the pit bull's jaws, kicked the pit bull into submission, and brought order to the whole place. Regretfully tho, the scared and confused black dog did rage against my husband a bit, yielding him this open wound.

Which he poured alcohol in for about 45 minutes. Because clearly, he's tougher than I am. Yeowch!

As you might have guessed, he was wearing the Most Interesting Shirt in the World. I was able successfully remove the blood stains, tho if it were me, I'd have left 'em.

But if you ever ask me, I'm telling you it's a pit bull scar. It's just a better story.

We all did our best to erase the bad dogfight mojo and return to the peaceful aura that was bestowed by party barging.


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