Monday, August 22, 2011

Shootin' Practice

Well, 2 years ago my husband had really good luck with that early controlled hunt that goes mid-August through September. So we thought we'd both put in for it this year. As fate would have it, I was the only one who got it. Best find a weapon, eh? (I have very much enjoyed yelling "Git Yer Gun Off the Dining Room Table!!!.... Oh wait...that's my gun... hee hee!)

Being the cheap-a$$ that I am, I tried my darnedest to get by with one of my husband's myriad shootin' irons. But I just couldn't get close enough to the scope to see proper. So off to the store to get me a youth-size .243 huntin' rifle! It's kid-sized!

Then, off to the shootin' range to sight-in my rifle...that is, for you peaceful-types, making sure that when I look through the scope, the bullet goes where I'm looking.

Shootin' was fun, albeit dusty. My shootin' coach was thorough, patient, and encouraging. He even did a little shootin' and sightin' in his own self.
Turns out, I'm pretty good at shootin', if the small amount I've done is any indicator!

The green highlights are my shots...three from 25 yards, 6 from 100 yards! Last weekend I also took paddleboard lessons (stand-up paddling) which I really rocked at. I never even fell in the water once, and left DRY!! It's rare to find a sport I'm decent at, much less relatively good at...but two in the span of 2 weeks? Unheard of! I've heard of people fishing from a paddleboard, but paddleboard hunting has yet to gain much popularity...


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