Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hitchin' a Ride

So the nice shuttle driver said the shuttle ran until 1 a.m. So we shook our groove thangs until the wee hours, then sauntered to the front desk to catch our ride!

The nice girl working the front desk explained that business was slow, so Thomas went home at 10 p.m...

But no! Look! It's clearly not 1 a.m. yet!

You HAVE to find someone to man the shuttle for us!!

Because we can't walk a mile and a half in the middle of the night in slutty shoes!! We caaaaaaaaan't!

And thankfully, the desk girls rallied, and our heels (and SparklePants) were intact!

Three cheers for the desk girls (whom we tipped quite handsomely)! Thanks for 3/4 Low Rent Girl Party girls!


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