Saturday, December 15, 2012

A 5k. Me. Ran.

I totally thought I posted this in October, but guess I missed it. That's me, filthified, after running a 5k the morning of the Halloween party.

Did you get that? A 5k. Me. Ran. Race number and everything.

Not only did I complete this feat of strength and endurance, but I did so with a thirty-something. AND a twenty-something. These are my fake sisters. They actually are
sisters, but the two of us on the right get mistaken for being sisters quite often.

The gist of this particular run is that you start in a white T-shirt and run, and volunteers (in this case affiliates of the local Girl Scouts) and people throw colored corn starch (or something similar) at you.

It's "the happiest 5K" or something like that. Our team! Yay!


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