Saturday, December 8, 2012

Safely Back in Boise!

After Winter Girl Party, I packed it up and headed back east. Somewhere between zero and 5 years the terminology goes from "I left Boise and headed home for the week," to "I went to Portland, but heading back home now." This was the scene at the Chicken Ranch before I took off...

I received a text when I was near  Pendleton: "Don't fill up on tacos, I'm making dinner." This was the scene upon my return!! I love a man in the kitchen.

Fresh loin of venison, sauteed mushrooms, baby asparagus, and fingerling tatoes. Uhm, YEAH.

And pie! PIE!!!!  I live like a queen.

While I was in Portland and my husband was in Montana we had our pupils removed and our irises died black. Kinda creepy. But glad to be home!


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