Saturday, December 8, 2012

Winter Girl Party/Stacey's Birthday...WHAT?!?

Let's see...everyone's in's Stacey's birthday...yes, yes, I think the planets will align...yep, yep! Winter Girl Party Stacey's Birthday! Woooo! With graciously donated Marriott points from our Christopher Robin, we were livin' big in a fishbowl suite in downtown! We live like queens!! That CR is such a sweetie.
OMIGOSH! I love your tropical Girl Party get-up, your bright dress and your strappy sparkly sandals...HAHAH! WINTER Girl Party? in PORTLAND? coats... Yep. That seems about right.
So fun to be in downtown. These two have birthdays two days apart in the summer, so back when we started doing GPs, it was often also a combined birthday party...including a couple at Kahneeta and one at Lake Shasta...of course we've all celebrated my birthday numerous times together, but a week before Thankgsgiving, Stacey often got the shaft. Not this year!
We were off to Departure, the swankified top-level asian fusion restaurant that formerly was The Georgian Room, or was possibly a floor up from there. Kristin and I spent an MLK holiday afternoon there once, lunched there, bought jammies at Meier and Frank, and then went to the movies. My how times change! Stacey kept calling this restaurant "Destination," which confused our taxi driver.
And then, despite saying we wouldn't, we went back to one of our old haunts, Pazzo. Mostly because I HAD to have another mango margarita with a spicy chipotle salted rim, like the one I'd had with Anita the previouse evening. A little bit of Mexico in November!!


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