Saturday, December 1, 2012

Coffee and Minis

Yeah. So there's Why such a clear shot? I'm mostly sitting still. Good times.

I headed up to Longview to see the in-laws and OMIGOSHTHEIRNEW HOUSEISSOOOOOOOCUTE! I really like it, and though they only moved about a mile, it was a good decision and the new place is going to work out juuuuust fiiiiine. Carolyn and I can still walk downtown and get coffee. Her treat!

Get this. Sitting. In a leather chair. Drinking coffee. Coffee that's in a real cup. Not thrust through my car window in a paper cup at 6 a.m. Gabbing. SUCH FUN! My once-a-year eggnog latte. I could have sat there all day, if they didn't close at 4 p.m. and kick us out. :( 

I selected the chairs for us to sit on based on this little knick-knack. An old school Mini Cooper was under our little table! Love it! My two days in Longview were lovely, but had to move on... 

To the Mini service center in Portland. 7:30 a.m. appointment, thank you very much. I got lots done on the Cooper, and they had all the free beverages and wifi I could use. I teleworked from there for a day and a half, and got a lot done. Sister came in to visit my "office" when she dropped me off then next morning.

I know this will be a huge shock to all of you, but we might have engaged in a wee bit you say..."Horsing around"? Yeah that. Us. Imagine.

Sister's not really sitting in the driver's seat. Hee hee!


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