Saturday, December 8, 2012

Winter Girl Party: Pajama Jammie-Jam

Well, we are sorta past the stay-out-clubbing-in-the-Portland-rain age, and more into the warm-dry-hotel-suite-and-fleece-jammies age. Plus, it wouldn't be us if I didn't clomp around in Stacey's high heels.

And play with fire just a little.

Mmm. The birthday girl and the Krispy Kreme birthday cake we made for her.

Sister graciously volunteered to walk to the Rite Aid and got us milk for our donuts. In her real clothes, not her jammies. So sweet, despite the sorta creepy pose goin' on here.

The birthday girl trying out my gift of "Party Lips," in her high heels and Hello Kitty jammies.

And then gifts! What more could we want from Winter Girl Party/Our Stacey's Birthday! YAY! Thanks girls!


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