Saturday, December 1, 2012

Going Coastal

When you're at the beach, you gotta...hit the beach!

It seemed like the weather was chilly slop the whole week, but sister assures me I was lucky, and the weather was actually lovely. This shot makes me think she might be right.

UHM....EXCUSE ME?!? Trucks on the beach? What is this, Long Beach? Trashy thangs.

Dad and Mike weren't so much into sand time.

Let's all pause a moment to consider the man with the green monocular, and then wonder where I get my spy qualities.

Normally I would not post such a ridiculous and unflattering photo of myself but if you click and enlarge, Sister is making exactly the same face. Hahahahahahah!

We popped in to the deli to see Julie, who kept Sister and I employed all through college. She's not much into photography, apparently.

We laughed and laughed, and then she let us take whatever food we wanted. And wouldn't accept payment. Seriously. She said she meant to bring Dad some food when he had his heart surgery, and neglected to. So take some granola and terrine now. :)

Fine, Sister, maybe the sun did come out. Such loveliness, as always!


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