Saturday, December 1, 2012


After my leisurely days in Longview and at the Mini service center, the next few days were a whirlwind of peeps! First up, a private veterans' luncheon with Uncle Arnie, my grandfather, and Dad! So fun! I loved that the guys up at the bar drinking bought my grandfather lunch!

A quick pop-in to see Space and the kids...this one very precisely walked me through her American Girl catalog...

The boy and I did some wrestlin' and faux-boxing. Pretty spot-on American kid stuff.

And of course, quiet living room chitty-chat with my friend. A quick little visit, but such fun!

At some point Dad and I had coffee and breakfast in downtown Hillsboro. We chatted current events and travels ahead. Let's take a moment to consider where I might have inherited my travel-junkie tendencies. We also enjoyed watching a homeless dude force the barista to give him free tasters of multiple coffees, all eventually equaling nearly a cup. Hahahah!

And then, fun fun fun with my Anita, to celebrate her birthday, catch up, and just hang out. We gabbed and gabbed and gabbed. I think we mostly got caught up. We also had some excellent sushi, which was dirt-cheap compared to sushi in Boise. Oddly, I noticed Mexican cuisine, which is quite cheap in Boise, was ridiculously expensive in Hillsboro. Hmm. I could only fit in so many folks and telework the week too, so i missed some important peeps, but hope to catch 'em next time!


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