Thursday, November 19, 2009


Wednesday night we were off to see my favorite Portland band... Everclear! In addition to the show, they brought out a huge cake for a bandmember's birthday, and we all sang to him. :)

This was my third Everclear show. I saw them back in August '95 at Champoeg State Park with sister. We had a minor but memorable altercation in the parking lot about what each other had decided to wear. Then again in October '96 in Honolulu with my now-husband and Stace, who had come to visit. No wardrobe altercation ensued.

And when we lived in Beaverton, my husband's employer had awesome 27th-row Blazers season tix about 12 seats away from Everclear's lead singer's season tix seats. We were able to use the tix quite often, where I would spend more time mooning over the rock stars than whatever fit Rasheed Wallace was throwing.

I've never had actual Everclear, but I have had moonshine. From a still after a canoe trip through the Louisiana Bayou on our honeymoon. Everclear sang "The Honeymoon Song," but it wasn't about the bayou, it was about... Hawaii.

After I ingested the moonshine our guide gave us, I could not breath for about 8 minutes. Seriously. Like drinking kerosene, I imagine. The only thing I could find to follow it was a strawberry soda. Everclear sang "Strawberry," but it was not about was about... heroin.

They have written some of my favorite lyrics. Don't fall down now, you will never get up... Breathin' fire doesn't look good on a resume... I will never be your unemployed boyfriend... Last night they didn't do all my faves, but they did a lot of them. And who among us hasn't gotten a little older, a little slower, and a little more comfortable since 1995. :)

[Sister: Rest assured, I didn't wear cut-offs to this show.]


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