Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely, warm, and.... thankful! :)
We spent the morning raking leaves in the chilly sunshine.
We also observed this raptor keeping an eye on Miss G... for a little too long. We decided she'd be better off in the house.
We then completed furniture move number 473: Operation Man Cave. We moved the green furniture and TV down to the basement. This of course puts the TV room and Xbox in the same room as the beer fridge. ;) Eventually the new TV room and master bedroom will switch places.
We now have a more proper dining room... no TV!

And then, Thanksgiving dinner! Tasty roasted pheasant with whiskey-red currant sauce, baby portobello stuffing (that was more trouble than it was worth), garlic green beans, cranberry relish, and an Idaho pinot noir. Mmm. Hope your day was lovely too!


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