Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Miss G Fights Another Day!

When we adopted the dogs back in 2001, Miss G arrived with some bad chompers. My husband has graciously made attempts to brush her teeth, and we've taken her to the doggie dentist multiple times and had bad tooths removed. Time to do it again.

After many tests of heart, lungs, and constitution, she was deemed fit for anesthesia! When the eco/organic/hipster vet called to say she was done, he noted that he had to remove nearly all her teeth...17.

And in doing so he accidentally broke her jaw. :( Apparently this is pretty easy to do considering her age (15.5) and the degenerated state of her tooths.

BUT...after a few weeks of antibiotics and a new diet of squishy (and disgusting) canned food, she's like a new dog! Like a puppy, really! And no more gross dog breath!

But the best part is that her remaining 4 tooths no longer hold her tongue in when she sleeps.

Hee hee!


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